How Successful, Driven Women Can Stay in the Game by Rewiring Their Bodies, Brains, and Hormones

Nisha Jackson is a nationally-recognized hormone expert and gynecology health specialist. She is renowned as a lecturer, motivational speaker, radio host, columnist and author of her newest book “Brilliant Burnout". Nisha is the Founder and CEO of OnePeak Medical Clinics in Oregon and Texas which specialize in healthy aging and hormone balancing for men and women. Nisha also owns a natural supplement line called Balance Docs. Please visit the links below for additional information!

What would your life be like if your mind, body, and health were exactly where you wanted them to be? Burnout is no longer a simple term for the result of working long hours. Instead, it is one of the largest epidemics seen in modern women today. This book is the ultimate guide for any woman that has been going too hard for too long, not planning on slowing down, and needing to not just keep up, but actually thrive in the seemingly overwhelming demands of both their life and career.
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From nisha's readers:

“Dr. Jackson’s book is a must-read for anyone who wants to get back to the top of their game quickly and successfully. It is a step-by-step guide to feeling vibrant, balanced, and in shape. Most importantly, you will feel happy and good about yourself. I know how grateful I am for this book!
Thank you, Nisha!”

Kyle Richards, actress, producer,television personality, and reality TV star

Review of "Brilliant Burnout"

“We have to keep our brains working at the best possible level, or our ability to overachieve and stay in the game is just not going to happen”

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