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Nisha Jackson’s book, “Brilliant Burnout” How Successful, Driven Women Can Stay in the Game by Rewiring Their Bodies, Brains, and Hormones - is an innovative and extremely captivating guide for any woman wanting to reclaim their power and take control of their burnout.

Through the power of her remarkable multifaceted approach to balancing women’s hormones and health, she is successful in helping women breakthrough and reinvent the physical, emotional, and mental health, just when they thought they couldn’t feel great again!

Rare, indeed, is the medical practitioner today, that can combine a deep understanding of women’s health, along with her years of clinical expertise, and real patient insights from over 25 years in the field all in one book. Brilliant Burnout acts as the ultimate “wake up” call to women who no longer choose to tolerate feeling terrible. Nisha shares insight to those dying to know the secrets behind how the most successful and brilliant women are using their hormonal system to harness their health.

Nisha is a groundbreaking author in this field of medicine, by finally creating a book that recognizes hormones are essential for balance but only part of the entire the equation for the modern-day brilliant woman looking to achieve ultimate and lasting energy and longevity.


This book has showcased and solidified Nisha Jackson as a true expert in this field and offers women accurate and invaluable advice with real solutions to finally get back to how they used to feel, with beauty, grace, and power.

I have seen first-hand the epidemic of modern-day women who are burning out and they have no concept as to why.  Is this how life is going to be from here on out? Nisha’s book includes the real-life examples of how devastating hormone imbalance can be for women, which I have spent my entire life researching, training and sharing with other practitioners and physicians.

Nisha Jackson is a forward and progressive hormone expert, who is a huge advocate for other strong women today and believes in helping all women achieve more while staying balanced, happy and healthy. All of this is possible with the right steps and re-calibration of the brain, body and hormones. It is the only way to regain the health and wellness that they once had.


Brilliant Burnout has paved the path for women all over the world to finally get back to their brilliance!

- Neal Rouzier, M.D., Director of The Preventative Medicine Clinic, Worldwide recognized speaker and expert on hormone replacement, renowned author and established researcher.

Dr. Jackson’s book is a must-read for anyone who wants to get back to the top of their game quickly and successfully. It is a step-by-step guide to feeling vibrant,balanced, and in shape. Most importantly, you will feel happy and good about yourself. I know how grateful I am for this book! Thank you, Nisha!

- Kyle Richards, actress, producer, television personality, and reality TV star

Brilliant Burnout provides simple, quick, easy steps to fix your brain balance, stress system, hormones, and body to ultimately get you from burnout back to who you were meant to be. This is a must-read.

- Morgan Fairchild, actress and activist

As a high-octane athlete, I know firsthand what it’s like to be exposed to trauma and shock. Nisha’s program is exactly what women need today to get strong, healthy, and back to who they were meant to be.

- Kirstie Ennis, adaptive athlete, entrepreneur, and retired military

Dr. Nisha Jackson is the living embodiment of what she’s written about! I’ve known Nisha for over 20 years. She’s a leader in the Wellness and Healthy Aging market. Her positive outlook, backed by a scientific approach; encourages women of all ages to be their best selves. Writing this book is one more way for Nisha to continue her mission to support women in their life long journey towards health and happiness.

- Shelley Thode – CEO - SLIM/PROtherapies, Inc. California

Once again, Dr. Jackson has hit it out of the ballpark with her latest book, Brilliant Burnout.  In it, she describes very accurately all the stages of adrenal stress, exhaustion and burnout, as well as the interactions involved in the stress response between the adrenals, ovaries and other endocrine organs such as the thyroid, pituitary, hypothalamus and the brain.  This is a handbook for any woman who isn't feeling her best, but doesn't know how to pinpoint the problem.  It is also an excellent resource for any healthcare practitioner who needs a well-organized, in-depth resource on tips to diagnose and treat health challenges which have chronically high levels of stress as the basis for development. The reader can quickly determine which chapter (or chapters) are pertinent to her current situation by scanning questions at the beginning of each chapter and if need be, review the lists ending each chapter which details action steps that should be taken to enable the body to heal, repair & recover from the 12 stages of burnout.  I only wish this book had been available 20 years ago!


- E.Stroud, RN, BSN  Talent, Oregon

As a woman in my late 20s driven to accomplish it ALL - career, relationships, happiness, sometimes I relate burnout to weakness. When in fact, I am my biggest asset. Taking care of my body and being mindful is so important - and Nisha's tips are life-changing. This is a must read!


- Maddy Brown, Age 26, New York Jets Community Relations

I have been privileged to work with Nisha for over a decade. Never one to accept the status quo, she is a tireless advocate for her patients.  She has a passion for life and learning that is contagious, and she has inspired countless women to challenge themselves to become better people, myself included.  Her new book is yet another testament to her continued devotion to finding the best treatments to promote health and wellness.

-Rachel Dunn-Black MD, Owner/Founder Clarity Medical Spa, Hormone Expert

I began seeing Dr. Nisha years ago, after experiencing my own burnout.  Thanks to Dr. Nisha Jackson regulating my hormones and her detailed, easy to follow plan for diet, exercise and supplements, I regained my energy, vitality, and health.  Most recently, I have gone through some major life changes; divorce, move to a new state, career change and even, menopause.  But, with Dr. Nisha’s easy to follow plan in Brilliant Burnout and regulating my hormones, I not only went through this challenging chapter in my life with the strength, stamina and clarity of thought necessary, I also, went through menopause without any symptoms; hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, fatigue, hair loss, etc.  I am so, grateful to Dr. Nisha for her expertise, care and support.  I will continue to recommend her and her book.  We can feel great at any age!


- Linda Miner, LMT, Health Coach, FX Aging Specialist, EFT Practitioner, Palm Desert, CA. Age 57

“Nisha dedicated so much time to explaining and researching my personal health struggles. She explained deeply the connections between the 3 key hormonal regions in the body, and took the time to learn my medical history.  My body is feeling energized and better than ever from my treatments and new supplement regimen. Her passion, professionalism, wisdom, and expertise in the hormone and women’s health field is second to none. Nisha speaks from experience and empathy, and BRILLIANT BURNOUT is a bible for young women struggling to have it all and then some. I can’t wait to share this book with my friends and the women in my life!”


- Megan Sjulin, GOOGLE - Account Manager

I have known Nisha Jackson and have been a patient of hers for many years. During this time I have gone through professional and personal triumphs (owning and operating 4 companies at once with over 125 employees) that caused my stress levels to reach beyond high norm. As it did so my adrenal and thyroid functions were impacted to a point of total and complete exhaustion resulting in near total bed rest. Nisha Jackson saved my life.

Her extensive knowledge and competent intervention including appropriate testing, compounded hormone therapy and medication management turned my life around. There is no doubt in my mind that if it were not for and continues to be for Nisha’s insight I would have likely died over 14 years ago.


Over the past several years I have recommended her to both men and women who have shared their own success stories as well. I am pleased and proud to be one of her many patient’s. Reading Brilliant Burnout confirms how to stay at the top of your game while under tremendous pressure and stress and will save your life if you follow the steps to stay in balance while also staying Brilliant!

- Carolyn Souders, PhD, BSN,LCP, RN, Klamath Falls, Age 69

Before I saw Nisha I was mentally exhausted and lacked the energy to get daily tasks done, however, almost immediately after Nisha’s complete approach at balancing my hormones, I now have energy, drive, enthusiasm and am in the best shape of my life at 50!  Her book is a must read for every woman out there that is a “driver” and wants to stay successful while feeling great!

- Dr. Randy Rothfus, Dentist & Co-inventor of Guzzle Buddy, Medford, OR, Age 50

Ladies, buy this book!  Your health matters.  You can’t pour from an empty cup!  And Brilliant Burnout will give you what you need to fill it up!! Nisha has written this book for each one of us. She writes from a place of personal experience and is raw, honest and SO relatable. Brilliant Burnout will give you facts to make you smarter about your own health and tools to put it all together.  This is a must have for any woman who is trying to live her best life but finds herself hitting the wall, day in and day out.  

- Shannon Cronin, SC, Director of Administrative Services, Primary Health, Age 46, Grants Pass, OR

The quality of your life, is greatly influenced by the level of professional care we have as we age.  It is just as important for men to be aware of and manage changes to our bodies as women.

Nisha, helped me control my rising PSA levels with optimal levels of testosterone, which was outside of mainstream medical thinking, and now my PSA numbers are great!

I suffered a horrific near-death accident this year breaking 6 ribs, 5 vertebrae and my clavicle. Nisha's use of nutrient infusions, balancing all of my levels and energetic healing she is trained and certified to perform rejuvenated every cell in my body that promote incredible results. I now feel great and have had nearly a full recovery, I am boxing again and my boxing buddies were amazed that I would even be able to get out of bed  and walk much less return to classes and exercise in 12 weeks. Nisha is truly a marvelous HEALER! Her book Brilliant Burnout is a must read for any woman wanting to stay in the game long-term. Staying balanced the way that Nisha spells out in her book is an absolute necessity for long term success without falling prey to fatigue, depression and accelerated aging.

- Robert Meyer, Serial Entrepreneur age 71, Loreto, BCS, MX

My experience with Dr. Nisha and the staff of Peak Medical Clinic far exceeded my expectations, it was a life changing experience! After having had a hysterectomy at a young age I had been unknowingly suffering the exhausting effects of hormonal imbalance. Having an established, successful and busy career as a nanny left no time for unexplained exhaustion at my age! By luck a girlfriend told me about a book Dr. Nisha Jackson had written, reading it was a game changer for me. I now do not know what I would have done without this book! My next step was to go meet with Dr. Nisha Jackson.

After receiving my results Nisha gave me a plan to set me on track with my hormones, diet, supplements and the perfect plan for lifestyle changes and stress management. Within a few days of returning home and back to work my exhaustion was gone!

My friends keep telling me, “You look great, your attitude is so positive and where did I get all this energy?”

- Kathy Hunter, age 41 Executive Nanny, LaQuinta, CA, Baja, Mexico

I have always said, the world needs more women like Nisha, but God only made one! Brilliant Burnout is more than an ‘encouragement’, it’s a roadmap for women to drive away from burnout.”  


- Jason Atkinson Film Producer, American Politician and International Lecturer

Every woman should have this book in their library.  Nisha Jackson makes an instant connection with the reader because she has ‘walked the talk” through research personally and professionally.  She backs up every chapter with success stories of clients who have taken their health to the next level.  Nisha understands that women are born task-masters and has organized the book for the woman on-the-go.  Each chapter stands on its own and is laid out with quizzes; research; and most importantly, practical, insightful advice that anyone can and should put into action.  This book is packed front-to-back with fascinating information about the mind, body and soul.  After reading this book, I am inspired to find more brilliance and to shine more lumens in my life journey.”

- Renee Sjulin  Vice President - Runza® National, Lincoln, NE

Nisha Jackson has written a must- read primer that is, powerful and relatable to all women of every age. Brilliant Burnout is inspirational, informative, and motivating and has helped me re-evaluate how to balance my body, brain and hormones while I am building my business and living with a very full life and high stress! I function with high stress with my business 

Reading the background of Jackson’s childhood is crucial to understanding her movement to educate women on their ability to be aware of the body. Not only does she educate you on the female hormones, but she inspires you to feel encouraged as one experiences different stages in their life-personal, business, etc.  This book is providing validation for all woman wanting to take action in their health and personal mind set.


- Nicci Jillian – Age 23 - Author of “Confectious Easy Desserts”, Founder/Owner of Confectious Pastry Shop, Dana Point, CA.

Every woman can benefit from reading this book.  Normally I do not bother reading an introduction but it is key to read.  Nisha’s personal experiences shared in the introduction reveal how and why she has such a burning desire to help women.   Each chapter highlights areas that we women may struggle in, with easy to read, educating and practical ways to resolve these issues.  Nisha truly is Brilliant, and this book is a MUST READ.

- D. Dennis

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