• Nisha Jackson, PhD

Your Body’s Amazing Stress Management System

Your body is an amazing creation – one with a remarkable capacity for natural healing if you listen to it and treat it with the fuel it requires: nutritious food, restorative rest, and regular exercise.

Just consider the remarkable feat that is the adrenal stress management system. The adrenal glands essentially represent your body’s hormonal backbone – the linchpin in the feedback loop coordinating virtually every hormone in your body. And despite their deceptively diminutive size, they manufacture more than 50 lifesaving hormones and steroids that engage with virtually every essential bodily function we have.

Your adrenal glands explain the fight-or-flight response you feel in stressful situations – say, the crest of a roller coaster or right before you’re about to speak before a large audience. From a clinical perspective, “fight or fight” is the way that your brain perceives danger, your nervous system activates – and your adrenal stress systems prepares you to react to incoming dangers.

In short, your body has a remarkable system for detecting stress – which is why we should listen when the symptoms are evident and the message is loud and clear.

When has your body tried to signal to you that you were nearing burnout? How could you tell that you needed to make a change?


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