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What to Eat to Win Your Day

One of the simplest surefire steps you can take to have a great day is to eat right. By taking a bit of extra time to prepare in advance and by sorting out the gimmicky fad diets, you can ensure your body has what it needs to maintain its natural energy levels and ward off the threat of stress.

Consider a diet similar to this plan:

Breakfast – Between 7 and 9 am

Eat a hearty breakfast heavy in protein and fat to stave off morning grogginess – and those afternoon cravings. Protein is the fuel your brain needs and can improve your focus and memory all day. Don’t go heavy on carbs, so shy away from bagels or muffins. (And don’t get me started on doughnuts – that’s a breakfast food?)

Lunch – Between 11 am and noon

Enjoy protein, fat, and light carbs for lunch. You can fashion a delicious salad out of sliced turkey, feta, apple slices, nuts, and seeds on top of greens. But be sure to not wait too long to eat – those with adrenal fatigue should be sure to eat every three to four hours to avoid exhaustion and cravings.

Afternoon snack – Between 3 and 4pm

Snack time! Indulge in a snack including protein, fat, and light carbs. You can’t go wrong with a protein bar, Greek yogurt, or protein smoothie. Add some dark chocolate as a mood booster, but don’t get carried away with the chocolate and carbs. (No chocolate cake, unfortunately.)

Dinner – Between 5 and 7pm

Close out the day with an evening meal that includes a generous helping of protein and dense carbs. Quinoa with shrimp or a stir fry are some favorites.

What does your diet look like? What changes would you still want to make in order to win the day?


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