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The Whole Body Reboot

As powerful and fast as today’s computers are, they all will inevitably need a reboot from time to time. If you neglect to give your Mac or Dell an opportunity to recharge the batteries, it will inevitably come back to haunt you (and in my experience, typically at the worst possible time when you’re crashing on a deadline).

Your body is no different in many ways. If you don’t give it a chance to fully reboot from time to time, you entertain the risk of running it into the ground.

I have certainly been there in my life. I think of the hectic period just after I first opened my own practice and gave birth to my youngest daughter. There simply weren’t enough hours in the day to be the professional and mother that I expected myself to be – fully engaged and present at all times, in every aspect of my life. I quickly realize that I was truly burning the candle at both ends – overcome with feelings of guilt about how overextended I was and how far I was falling short of my own expectations. I was perpetually sick, irritable, and tired (though I was getting no sleep).

In short – I was completely burned out.

I wasn’t so tired that I missed the irony. I was advising clients on how to live healthier lives, while failing to practice what I preached. That’s when I decided that half measures would not suffice; I needed a whole-body reboot and I needed it quickly.

It was a crash course put into motion quickly. I began a new schedule that prioritized sleep and rest. My diet was re-centered on a low-sugar regimen. I reintroduced myself to herbs and B-12 shots. And I finally treated my long-neglected adrenal glands and optimized my thyroid with medication.

I quickly saw results that felt like night and day. I had learned that putting myself first didn’t mean that I had to neglect my career; on the contrary, I quickly saw that the system I was prescribing for my patients indeed worked – because it worked on me.

My takeaway was that introducing change into your life and pushing back on the stress epidemic requires more than silver bullet efforts. Truly changing one’s life requires that we examine each aspect of it and stick to a plan rooted on science on how to reboot one’s body.

What steps did you take when you were facing burnout? What were the biggest challenges you faced in implementing your total reboot plan?


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