• Nisha Jackson, PhD

The Power of Silence

In a world in which it seems like nobody can keep their mouth shut, there is something almost spiritual about the power of silence. There are few sounds as soothing to me as….the absence of chatter. There is something almost surreal when one gets into nature in this age and finds themselves confronted with nothing but the most natural sounds of birds chirping.

I strive to take ten minutes of silence daily to reboot. Patients often find this to be a strange recommendation of mine, but it works. Silence is a necessary ingredient for rebooting your energy levels. It might be a silent walk around the block or a quiet bath at home. Wherever you can carve out the space and time for silence, seize the opportunity. Don’t leave it to chance – create a plan to take this necessary time each day.

You might take advantage of those minutes right after you get home from work. Just stop to collect yourself and breathe. This small step can do wonders to introduce greater perspective and calm into your daily life. Silence truly is golden – and it can move your nervous system into repair mode.

Where and when do you carve out the time for silence in your life? What do you hear and feel in the quiet?


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