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The Hard Truth about Hormones

The Hard Truth about Hormones

Hormones are essential to life. They are chemical connectors to the brain, muscles, sex organs, and virtually every part of the body. If you were suddenly left without the intricate communication in your body conducted via hormones, you would die—pretty much immediately. As it is, even a missed message, a broken connection, or an unclear communication from one hormone to another can cause an imbalance, upsetting the whole shebang.

As early as a woman’s mid-thirties, a small drop in estrogen or progesterone, or a break in her ovulation cycle can cause a domino effect of mood instability, weight gain, skin problems, and many other changes. Even though nearly every woman knows she will eventually experience menopause, these changes can come as unpleasant surprises. In addition, diet, stress, sleep patterns, environmental toxins, and genetics can create complete hormone chaos that may leave you feeling terrible for years to come.

This is the hard truth about life as a woman. Something happens, whether it’s stress, diet, or medications—or a genetic predisposition—that throws your system for a loop, and afterward your hormones either revert to a normal state or they don’t. It depends on how healthy you are to begin with. The key is to take care of yourself so you’re not as susceptible to these inevitable hormone fluctuations. Even though much of what happens in life is beyond your power, you can control what you eat, how much you exercise, how many hours you sleep, and whether you use vitamin and herbal supplements. In menopause (or early menopause), some women adjust to the chronically low levels and others do not.

-Dr. Nisha Jackson


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