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The Energy Buzz… Just how healthy is it?

Let’s face it, American’s love to be wired! Strolling down the grocery store isles where the cranked up drinks are stored, it’s hard not to believe that these drinks are good for you. The reality is that energy drinks laced with novel additives are taking people into unchartered nutritional territories, especially when many people are mixing them with alcohol. Even if they are not deemed truly “dangerous”, energy drinks are fostering a true dependence on caffeine, sugar, and are giving you a false sense of energy. Typically each 8oz drink carries a punch of caffeine equal to twice that of a cup of coffee, spices, herbs and other tinctures aimed at giving you a buzz and extreme refreshment, like you have never had.

The bottom line is caffeine produces a real psychological and physiological dependence and creates a “flight or fight” response with your nervous system, leaving most of us feeling like we were hit by a Mac-Truck when it all wears off. This creates the dependency of needing another “pick-up”. The typical energy drink carries with it another additive substance… sugar! The sugar in most of these drinks is equivalent to roughly 10-20 tsp (or more) of sugar per drink. Sugar being the reason most of us have too much fat around the mid-section of our bodies is the one toxic substance that we have got to get a handle on. Understanding the negative impact of sugar on the immune system, mood, insulin levels (fat storage hormone), energy, cravings, hormone-balance, is imperative to getting yourself healthy and maintaining balance.

If you are a victim of these drug-like energy drinks, consider slowly weaning yourself; supporting your adrenal (stress glands) with natural supplementation and the following tips for energy:

1. Have all of your hormones and thyroid levels tested to weed out underlying problems that might be contributing to your fatigue.

2. With stress you need MORE sleep, not less and better sleep, not interrupted sleep to truly recover and make the necessary hormones for optimal stamina and brain function.

3. Start a B-complex supplement program. Get a B-complex shot at OnePeak Medical (onepeakmedical.com) or consider a special preparation of B-sublingual supplements (balancedocs.com)

4. Increase Vitamin D – to boost immune system and energy.

5. Consider the idea of lowering sugar in the diet, to get OFF the blood-glucose roller coaster that leaves you feeling totally wiped out. Start reading labels for sugar and also lower flour intake!

6. Eat more frequently (every 3-4 hours) with good lean proteins and tons of veggies! This helps fuel your brain with essential amino acids, and also nutrients that most likely are lacking if you are a sugar/caffeine junkie.

7. Reduce alcohol consumption at night, to prevent the next day “slump,” , it’s a sedative!

8. Consider an IV weekly or monthly of high dose Vitamin C, glutathione, and B-complex or a Myers Cocktail to replace what you are not getting in your diet and to help the energy problem immediately!

9. STRESS… this is the number one zapper of energy. Moving around from one deadline to the next and constantly being “plugged in” and hurried, is not normal and your body is not wired to withstand this. Consider a schedule unload and build in at least 10 -20 minutes per day where

you are utterly unplugged. This will clear the mechanism and allow you to stay in the energy game longer, naturally!

Cheers to Good Natural Energy!


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