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Testosterone for Women

Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone that is essential for optimal quality of life in both men and women. That's right, I said WOMEN! Doctors don't usually address testosterone replacement therapy in women because it is most commonly thought of as the male sex hormone, but it's just as essential for women! As we age, our testosterone levels diminish and for women this can be the root cause of symptoms like fatigue, exhaustion, sleep issues (difficulty staying asleep or experiencing more frequent sleep disruptions), weight gain, difficulty losing weight, decreased interest in sex, mood swings, depression, low mood, anxiety, difficulty concentrating and even hair loss.

OnePeak Medical (www.onepeakmedical.com) is dedicated to opening the curtains on this taboo topic and welcoming women everywhere into the light of day. No longer should we tolerate the excuse "it's just a normal part of aging" because there is a solution. Aging is optional but feeling good isn't. Here's a breakdown of why women shouldn't compromise their quality of life to the "normal aging process."

1. How many times have you heard your friends say "When you get to my age, you just don't want sex anymore?" Let's be honest with ourselves, the odds that you don't actually want or need sex anymore are slim. Studies show that testosterone replacement therapy in women increases sexual desire and pleasure. Are your ears perking up?

2. Time and time again, women with osteoporosis have come into my practices suffering from low testosterone. They receive hormone pellets and after a few months time see remarkable improvements in their bone density. This is no coincidence! Studies show that TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) in women increases bone density! Say goodbye to the myth that older women are frail!

3. Brain fog is nothing, if not disheartening. You feel like you're losing your mind, can't quite seem to remember things as clearly and getting through a sentence without forgetting what you're talking about is difficult. TRT has been proven to increase cognitive function in women. Pair a little TRT with some natural supplements and you'll be sharper than a college student.

These are only some of the incredible benefits of TRT in women. This is why it's so important to have your hormone levels checked routinely. Most of the symptoms of the "natural aging process" can be relieved with proper hormone balance and supplementation. There have been thousands of studies that prove that TRT is also linked to lower instances of heart disease and colon cancer. It also protects against osteoporosis and dementia and a reduction in the severity of symptoms associated with low female hormones. Research has also debunked the myth that TRT, even at high levels, is unsafe for women.

Don’t be dissuaded by the idea that testosterone is only for men because that is just intrinsically wrong! Women deserve to look, feel, and remain at the top of their game.


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