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Sex is Good for Your Health

Several studies now show that sex is not just good, but great for our health. It can protect against heart disease and osteoporosis, stave off dementia, and even improve your mood. There are so many benefits to the release of oxytocin (which I like to call the cuddling hormone) for brilliant women today. Oxytocin reduces the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome or nervous stomach, improves digestion, and helps cure constipation and gastrointestinal inflammation. Additionally, it helps lower blood pressure and provides a sense of calmness and peacefulness to our entire nervous system.

For any younger women out there still building their families, here’s something else you should know: Good sex even improves fertility by increasing contractions of the uterus, helping to “suck in” the semen released during male orgasm. So don’t come at it as though you’re accomplishing a task; enjoy it!

Sex also protects women from incontinence, as it is a good workout for the pelvic floor muscles. The muscles that are involved with urination need regular exercise, and sex does just that, improving blood flow, strength, and circulation to the entire pelvic floor, which reduces the chances of urine leaking and uterine prolapse later in life. After having children and with our busy lives, the Kegel exercises (to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor) are often lost in the shuffle, but having regular sex is a great substitute, as it can provide a much-needed exercise for the pelvic floor muscles.


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