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Reboot Your Emotional and Mental Well-Being

To help get your emotions in balance, you may want to hire a life coach or start journaling your feelings. Getting your head in the right spot will take you miles into a healthy hormonal balance. Do not ignore this step, as it is paramount to getting you 100 percent balanced and on the right track to managing your daily stress and where your brain goes because of it.

Many practitioners for emotional well-being believe that the emotion of fear causes disruption in the sex organs, which can lead to a hormone imbalance. This can also lead to PCOS and infertility, erratic cycles, and estrogen dominance. That’s why it’s best to be mindful and never let yourself stagnate in a place of fear.

Similar problems arise with the emotions of impatience, the inability to forgive, and frustration, which can lead to serious issues with the liver, where your hormones are excreted, leading to a potential imbalance. The emotions of worry and anxiety can cause issues with your insulin levels, which affect all hormones and lead to weight gain in the belly. Practicing 5 to 30 minutes of guided or silent meditation daily may be the only time you have to quiet your precious brain and nervous system. This practice can also make it much easier for you to break out of the cycles of these emotions and free yourself from their physical effects. You need a daily reboot for your emotional and mental well-being. Your emotions and hormones are closely connected, so balancing one will optimally support the other. For maximum benefit, make meditation part of your daily routine. You may also want to consider regular massage and acupuncture as adjuncts for support.


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