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Helping Jamie Find Her Way Back to Balance

Jamie first came to my office about six years ago. She was as impressive in person as she was on paper – at least by the typical yardsticks we tend to adopt today of what success looks like. She was an accomplished marketing executive averaging more than 50 hours a week, while juggling her duties as a parent of two active young children.

She was a long-time overachiever in every sense of the word, but she couldn’t find the answer to the challenges she was facing today. She had always pride herself on her abilities as a multitasker – able to seamlessly juggle multiple high profile projects while executing her considerable duties as a mother.

But she had clearly hit a wall. She was utterly consumed with irritability and fatigue. Out of control cravings had spiked her weight and she repeatedly woke up with anxiety attacks. In short, she was suffering from a classic case of burnout.

I was glad she had recognized that she needed help. We made a plan for her recovery and identified changes she needed to make in order to stop juggling so many balls in the air.

Her plan included beginning her day with a blend of exercise, meditation, and a higher nutrient shake for breakfast.

She committed to letting go of some ongoing commitments that simply didn’t align with her goals and sense of well-being.

She agreed to an action plan for “asking for help” when necessary and replaced three specific things that were robbing her of happiness with activities that gave her joy.

In a mere three months, Jamie was 70 percent better. She was a new person, with renewed energy and no more anxiety. She was sleeping a full (uninterrupted!) seven hours of sleep a night and more loving with her family.

In short, Jamie is a testament to the power of making an action plan – and then sticking with it over the long haul. So ask yourself – what does your own action plan look like for getting back to your best self? What can you stop doing today that doesn’t, as Marie Kondo would say, “spark joy?”


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