• Nisha Jackson, PhD

Getting Back Your Drive for Life

It’s a sad sight to see a motivated, talented young person lose their natural zest and passion for life over time. The long-term effect of manic business is to ultimately lead to chronic anxiety and exhaustion – depleting the drive that may have once came so naturally.

The problem isn’t with drive and ambition itself; it’s when that drive becomes all consuming. It can quickly evolve into a compulsion to be the perfect professional and family member, with inevitably exhausting consequences. It’s so in our DNA to be the best at what we do that we spread ourselves far too thin. A certain level of stress can be healthy, but what I have seen in my clients goes far beyond the pale. I call the loss of drive the 9th of 12 distinct stages of burnout – this is the stage in which you no longer can see yourself as useful. You are confronted with a nagging sense that you have lost your edge and begin contemplating taking drastic steps to get back to equilibrium – quitting your jobs, sending the kids to live with grandma, heading off for Mexico and the sunset. In short, you feel as though you have no real options.

The key to regaining that drive for life is to adopt a strategic self-care plan that copes with chronic stress before it takes over one’s entire life.

If you want to regain your drive for life, you’ll need to take a hard look inside and go places where you may not want to go. You’ll need to confront the beliefs and mindsets that aren’t working for you.

Ask yourself – what beliefs or practices about yourself are holding you back? I firmly believe that far too many of us are prisoners to the stories we tell about ourselves. We have been telling ourselves these stories for so long that we lose sight of our power to change them and write our own story. “I’m an alcoholic, that’s just who I am.” “I don’t get enough sleep, that’s just who I am.”

Don’t let the story of your past - or what you think your past was – prevent you from regaining your inner drive and moving on with your future. What stories about yourself have held you back and taken away your drive?


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