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Exercise Your Stress Away

Exercise increases your overall well-being, which puts more pep into your step. It accomplishes this by pumping up endorphins, which are your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters. I like to call exercise “meditation in motion.” This is how I feel when I exercise. It clears my mind and gives me a place to put all of the “stuff” rambling around in my brain—making me constantly think and process. Exercise provides a way to release the tension that builds up in my brain and allows me to release my thoughts into the universe when I have no more room for ideas or learning.

I have not found anything else (not even meditation) that works quite as well to alleviate irritation and frustration from the day as much as working up a sweat. It simply works. As you begin to shed daily tensions through physical movement, you will also find that you can suddenly focus on a single task, while remaining more optimistic and clear minded than before. If you have trouble staying focused and your patience is gone, you can remedy this problem by adding regular daily body movement to your routine. It truly is that simple.

So, please tell me . . . if someone offered you a quick solution to better concentration and memory, less tension with clear focus, and a way to release your pent-up frustrations, all while making yourself look and feel great, why in the world would you not do it? You’d have to be half crazy not to. Just saying.

I also love the way that exercise builds self-confidence and courage in women. It helps women feel more comfortable in their own bodies, while improving how they look at themselves both physically and emotionally. It reduces depression, seasonal affective disorder, and mood swings. Most of all, exercise gives women a sense of command over their bodies and radically changes the way they manage day-to-day stress. Daily movement to the point of sweating helps women feel as if they have accomplished something, which for brilliant women is key.


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