• Nisha Jackson, PhD

Burnout is the Villain

You must remember that getting burned out is not your fault, because it simply isn’t. It’s something that has insidiously made its way into the constructs of modern society and become the norm. These days, women are expected to take on more than they can handle, so burnout has become more common. The brilliant woman may be able to sustain the chaos for some time, but the stress will eventually take its toll. Full-throttle burnout can take months or years to manifest, but a meltdown is inevitable.

Over the past 25 years, but primarily in the past five years, I have witnessed significant burnout in colleagues, friends, family, and thousands of patients. I have seen countless women who once had sparkles in their eyes and fires in their bellies–driving them toward adventure, challenge, and pursuing their passions–eventually fall victim to intense fatigue, depression, anxiety, health decline, and loss of zest for life. Their flame simply went out.

Burnout is a villain that quietly and skillfully robs women of what makes them brilliant, and it’s effective because of its gradual onset that works below the surface, traveling methodically through each of its stages, ultimately leaving women feeling lost and desperate, with no clue how they got there or what to do about it. If you feel constantly rushed or in a hurry and can’t seem to catch up, but you still want more from your life and know you are too young and too smart to jump ship, then I am here to tell you that you are not alone.


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