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Are You Wasting Your Own Time?

While I think some women are naturals at capitalizing on every second of the day and maximizing their time, others struggle with getting caught up in the day-to-day minutia that leaves them feeling strapped and unable to fit in all the things they want to do. The key here is to eliminate whatever it is you are doing that is not explicitly helping you take care of yourself.

I have always encouraged my patients who are experiencing toxic stress in their lives to examine how they are spending their time so they can begin the tedious task of scheduling every minute of their waking hours. I understand that this sounds somewhat militant, but it can help you take the first steps in eliminating toxic stress in your life, and it will be glaringly obvious where your time is being wasted when you do this.

Nowadays, scheduling your day is even easier because of all the wonderful apps available to help you schedule your time. I would suggest, if you have an inkling that you are a bit of time waster, that you invest in a handheld physical planner or an app that helps you plan your day so you will see exactly what you are doing with your time. To continue to be brilliant, we need to harness our time and make the most of it; that’s the only way we will have enough of it to take care of ourselves and our families. This ultimately boils down to priorities. Number one is you and your health, number two is your family, and number three is your brilliant career and the gifts you have to give to others.

Harness your time and get things under control. Your health and happiness are your number-one priority. Stop wasting your precious time with too many excuses, and use it to get your body moving, feeding yourself endorphins that will help your brilliance shine.


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